Chiropractic Services

Our method of chiropractic care provides much more than pain relief related to the common muscle tightness or neck and back pain.  As a patient we want to understand your entire health, not just the current symptom you’re experiencing.

Pain and discomfort can quickly become a trickle-down effect into additional problems like lack of sleep, irritability, headaches, stress and digestive issues.

We focus on building the right corrective plan for you! 

Course of action could include:

  • therapeutic / corrective exercises
  • stretching
  • proper posture education
  • nutritional/supplement counseling
  • lifestyle modifications
  • environmental changes

As a chiropractor, Dr. Coletto was trained as a neuromuscular specialist that focuses on positively impacting the conditions involving nerves, muscles, soft tissue and bone joints in a person’s nervous system.

Some of the primary concerns we care for:

Muscle Spasms / Pinched Nerves                                                                               Arthritis Pain / Joint Pain

Back Pain / Neck Pain / Sciatica Pain                                                                      Fibromyalgia

Degenerative Disc Disease                                                                                          Weak Immune Systems

Sports Injuries                                                                                                                Prenatal Care

Tension or Pressure Headaches / Migraines                                                          Scoliosis

Stress / Anxiety                                                                                                             Thyroid

Flexibility                                                                                                                        Blood Pressure

Digestive Issues                                                                                                             IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Respiratory and Immune Function                                                                          Sleep Disorders